Honey's Choice has been the only complete dog food that my dogs have not become bored with.

Gill, Trent

Our two Spaniel's have been eating the Honey's Choice country complete chicken for approximately 4 months.

The food we were using to feed we sometimes had to add sardines and veg to entice them to eat their tea, but now they eat it all with no encouragement!!


Sarah, Yeovil

Just thought I would let you know that Sumo had his annual check up at the vet, and she was really impressed with his condition thought he was a couple of years younger! She said whatever you're feeding him, keep doing it! Thank you.

Lorraine, North Cadbury

My Honey's Choice complete was delivered this morning, as promised. Thank you so much; Tiggi had it for lunch today, and scoffed the lot, very good for a fussy Gordon Setter.

Gill, Barnstable

Feeding my working cocker spaniel Honey's Choice dog food is the best decision I ever made. He has gone from being a scrawny fussy puppy to a thriving young dog in great condition.

I can't recommend Honeys Choice dog food highly enough.

Mrs Snaith, Yeovil

When a friend recommended Honey's Choice to me 4 years ago, I think my Spaniel had probably tried most foods on the market. She was in poor condition and had been diagnosed by the vet as having 'severe allergies'. Her coat was dull, patchy and bold in places and her skin was red-raw from constant scratching. The poor animal was taking daily steroids and antihistamines, using prescribed creams and shampoos regularly.

Then the first bag of Honey's Choice was delivered to our door. For the first time in years, Chloe was excited at the prospect of food and cleared her bowl with gusto!

Within two weeks on her new diet, her skin had healed no longer inflamed and broken. The scratching stopped. Within a month, her coat's texture had improved, she came off her medication and her twice weekly baths stopped.

Four years on, Chloe continues to enjoy the food as much as she did on day one, She's had no further skin problems, has a thick glossy coat and at 12, is an agile, healthy dog who is commonly mistaken for an animal half her age!

In short, introducing Chloe to Honey's Choice was the best thing I've ever done for her. Both she and I thoroughly recommend it !!

Brenda, Yeovil

Since discovering Honey's Choice about 9 years ago, my 2 dogs have not only been healthy, sport a soft and shiny coat but love the food! As in my opinion Honey's Choice is the best and most honest dog food on the market, quickly started to recommend it to many of our doggie friends, and have heard nothing but good reports ever since!

Gaby, Yeovil owner of terrier Lily and whippet Molly